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Fuddy Duddy


Every Buddy Loves Fuddy Duddy,
an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award Winner!

In a world full of distractions that separate young from old, Fuddy Duddy's aim is the opposite. Designed specifically to bring young and old together, Fuddy Duddy aspires to bring fun game play to both age groups. It's when wonderful rewards can happen. This is also why it is being used extensively by a county sheriff in New Jersey as a deterrent to the lure of gangs.

We love Fuddy Duddy - our whole family has played and enjoyed it lots. It's a great game which does just what you set out for it to do. Brings people together and smiles on faces!
Queanbeyan, Australia

You’ve got a brilliant game here that’s equally enjoyable for kids and adults. It encourages togetherness while teaching discipline and strategy. I love how my kids try so hard to beat me and love it even more when they do.
Mike G.
Sewell, New Jersey

Fuddy Duddy is a lot of fun. My sister and I play all the time-it's our favorite card game!
Natalia, 9
Bellevue, WA

My fifth grade students said Fuddy Duddy “is a challenging and fast moving game. It is fun to play it with your friends.” I found it a fun way to reinforce educational skills.
Rose Weger
Fifth Grade Teacher
Marlton, New Jersey

Fuddy Duddy is an easy game to learn and fun to play for hours. It sharpens the skills of decision making and strategy. Most importantly it builds relationships the old fashion way of allowing people to enjoy each other and create special memories.
Domenic Zampogna
Assistant Principal for Student Affairs
St. Pius X High School, Pottstown,PA

Fuddy Duddy requires a nice combination of luck and skill- no two games are the same!
Dr. Albert LaSpada
University of Washington

What a fabulous game. My great-grandchildren and I play on the weekends. I look forward to the weekends. I hope they let me win soon.
Anthony P., 90
Philadelphia, PA

We love playing Fuddy Duddy in our part of the world. It teaches patience and decision making. And it’s fun!
Fr. Pius Shadap, 32
Meghalaya, India

FUDDY DUDDY is a card game that succeeds in being fun for both kids and adults. My five year old highly recommends it and I have to agree. It’s easy to learn, fast-paced, and presents simple but fun choices.

My five year old likes FUDDY DUDDY because its easy, fun, and he wins a lot. I like it because he likes it and wins a lot, but also because I consider it a step up in kids games. As a long time gamer, I confess I’m eager for the boys to move up from CANDY LAND and OLD MAID to “real” games and FUDDY DUDDY fits the bill perfectly. Even the game mechanics work well. For example, I like the fact that you only have four cards, perfect for little hands and even with many players, it moves quickly keeping everyone’s interest and anticipation. When someone wins, someone else isn’t an “old maid” and all look forward to the next round.

John Kimball

“Fuddy Duddy is a card game that proves the point that simple doesn't equate to boring. While the concept of Fuddy Duddy is simple, there is fun to be had by adults and children. Fuddy Duddy is a wonderful first card game for young kids because it's easy to play. It also doesn't hurt that it's a fast paced game, which helps to keep boredom at bay.
Fuddy Duddy is straightforward, and the concept is easy for young players to grasp--making this a nice game for parents to play with their children. Being at an age where you want to play card games but are constantly told it's too complicated makes games like Fuddy Duddy a great addition to any card collection.”
Lynn Little


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